Visualize your dream in the virtual world

Utilizing cutting edge technolgy, your dream home can be visualized in real-time, with you - experiencing it all in a whole virtual world.

By building a world where one can experience it real time, every experience is virtually authentic and immersive. The best part - you can experience it all in your comfort of your home.

Our services
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Rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine
Our works

We take pride in our works, regardless on what medium they're on. Here are some of our notable works that we have done so far.

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Our Team

When enthusiasts banded together

Having strong base in architecture, we ventured out to pursue various forms of arhictectural development. Although not directly involved in hands-on application, we've settled with mainstream digital media format.

About us
Potrait of Adel Zekri
Adel Zekri
Marketing Director

One of the founders of Visualt Studio. Great at handling people and projects. Broad knowledge in still rendering pipeline.

Potrait of Luqman Rizal
Luqman Rizal
3D Artist, Programmer

Jack of all trades. Has extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D renderings, as well as Unreal Engine and various programming language.